1. The basics

    How carbon auditing is meant to work.

  2. The problem

    Why current carbon auditing fails.

  3. The target

    SMEs are the neglected 70% of carbon emissions.

  4. The solution

    How See Through Carbon works.

  5. The pilot

    Bottom-up proof for top-down adoption.

See Through Carbon Pilot 1 for SMEs

Our first pilot project began in September 2023, in Wiltshire, UK. Learn more in these articles…

  1. Pilot 1 resources

    How the pilot has a budget of zero.

  2. Ratings methodology

    How we work out SME scores.

  3. Data verification

    How we check the data.

  4. Free consultancy

    What advice pilot SMEs get.

  5. Free advertising

    What publicity pilot SMEs get.

  6. Public vs stealth mode

    Pros and cons of making your data public.

  7. Pilot 1 funding

    How the See Through Carbon pilot is paid for.

  8. Next step

    How the bottom-up pilot targets top-down adoption.

  9. Business plan

    See Through Carbon’s logic, schedule, budgets.

  10. Pilot 1 FAQs

    Frequently asked questions for SMEs.

Pilot 2 for UK live music

Music’s cultural prominence could create a disproportionately high positive impact on public and government understanding of carbon footprints. Learn how we’re helping live music venues, artists and promoters get serious about measuring carbon.

  1. What carbon auditing is

    A basic guide to calculating carbon footprints, introducing Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

  2. What’s wrong with Carbon Accounting 1.0’

    Why innaccurate, costly, opaque and proprietary standards fail.

  3. What See Through Carbon is

    See Through Carbon’s accurate, free, open-source, transparent solution.

  4. What our pilot schemes do

    An overview of our pilot roster, with each project’s unique features.

  5. How Pilot 2 for UK live music’ works

    Pilot 2 for UK live music’s scope, process and methodology.

  6. The benefits of participating in Pilot 2

    Free services, new revenue, A‑grade compliance – and carbon reduction.

  7. How to participate in Pilot 2

    How to access free STC carbon audits and consultancy, and travel survey options.

  8. Pilot 2 FAQs

    Frequently asked questions for live music venues, acts and promoters.

Who we are

See Through Carbon is being shaped by an international brains trust of experts, volunteering their experience in a wide range of fields.

Photo of Bhaskaran S.

Bhaskaran S

Technology based in Singapore

Bhaskaran, MD of Invosystems, 35 years in the IT industry. Invosystems’ PlanetSustain Mobile App won the Singapore Environment Council’s Green Innovations Merit award at the 2023 Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards. Invosystems supports the Go Green SG campaign led by Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability & Environment.

Bhaskaran at Linkedin
Photo of Dr Daniel Zepeda Rivas.

Dr Daniel Zepeda Rivas

Advisor based in Mexico

Daniel is an architect specialising in Zero-carbon buildings & Climate Change. Now UK-based, he’s studied & taught globally from his native Mexico to India, Spain and The Netherlands. Winner of the See Through Carbon Competition, using the supercomputing prize to optimise global low-carbon construction and climate resilience.

Daniel at Linkedin

David founded LA-based Verso Creative. He’s won many international design awards as creative director for global brands like SONY, Toyota, Lexus, GoPro and Disney. He brings deep experience, imagination, fresh insights and boundless energy to every project, creating unexpected, effective solutions by blending personal creativity with breakthrough technology.

David at verso-creative.com
Photo of George Hinchliffe.

George Hinchliffe

Administrator, Advisor based in UK

George has managed, produced, composed & performed in the music business since the 60s, with collaborators include Hans Zimmer, George Harrison & Madness, in genres from Renaissance to jazz, projects from environmental theatre to movie scores. For 40 years his Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has sold out gigs globally, inc. the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall & Glastonbury.

George at en.wikipedia.org
Photo of Giles Metcalfe.

Giles Metcalfe

Carbon auditor based in UK

A member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP), Giles specialises in measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of websites. He consults with ethical businesses, consumers and customers to improve website performance, while reducing costs and carbon impact. Born @327.46 ppm CO2.

Giles at gilesmetcalfedigital.co.uk
Photo of Dr Joe Jack Williams.

Dr Joe Jack Williams

Trustee based in UK

Joe Jack lectures at UK universities, and is a part of core research groups for Architects Declare, CIBSE and LETI, and a partner at leading sustainable architects, FCBStudios. He is a specialist in predicting, measuring and mitigating the carbon impact of architecture, and a thought leader in carbon auditing methodology.

Joe at fcbstudios.com
Photo of John Osborn.

John Osborn

Technology, Administrator based in UK

John recently retired after a 40-year career designing, developing, operating and managing IT systems for large, complex organisations, most recently for a subsidiary of Ireland’s postal service An Post. Experienced and expert across a wide range of tech from cloud computing to coding and data protection.

John at Linkedin
Photo of Johnson Jayeola.

Johnson Jayeola

Advisor based in Nigeria

Johnson is an industrial chemist, environmental executive and social enterprise/​sustainability project entrepreneur. He won the See Through Carbon Competition for his survey of firewood cookstoves in rural Nigeria, and is now sharing his data & methodology with government agencies around Africa. He is Managing Director of Fring Integrated Services Ltd.

Johnson at fringintegrated.com
Photo of Jonathan Schofield.

Jonathan Schofield

Technology based in UK

Jonathan is a graphic designer who was born at 320ppm. He grew into designing for the web when it was young and is growing old(er) with it. He is an accomplished wrangler of front-end’ code and is developing this website. Jonathan is a stickler for semantic HTML, elegant taxonomy and accessibility best practice.

Jonathan at elk.zone
Photo of Julie Davitz.

Julie Davitz

Marketing based in USA

Julie’s background is in impact finance (Head of Impact Solutions for BNP/​Paribas) and philanthropy. She now specialises in impact marketing, measuring real-world outcomes for sustainability projects, democratising access to positive social solutions. Strategist for impact investing, ESG, sustainability, development and philanthropy.

Julie at Linkedin
Photo of Dr Mark Drummond.

Dr Mark Drummond

Advisor, Technology based in USA

Mark is an AI pioneer, hi-tech entrepreneur and team manager over many decades and applications, including leading innovation at NASA, Siri, DreamWorks and Apple. He has extensive experience on both sides of the venture capital pitching table. At the cutting edge of tech since obtaining his Edinburgh Uni PhD in AI in the 1980s.

Mark at Linkedin
Photo of Dr Michael Uschold.

Dr Michael Uschold

Technology based in USA

Michael is an ontology engineering pioneer, building enterprise ontologies to drive production applications in large companies in many sectors. As a consultant and author, he distills and communicates complex webs of ideas. He literally wrote the book on the Web Ontology Language for Enterprises.

Michael at en.wikipedia.org
Photo of Oliver Swann.

Oliver Swann

Advisor, Technology, Marketing based in UK

Oliver has managed large telecom projects from Europe’s GSM network to the world’s first mobile banking service. He has lectured worldwide in e‑commerce and risk management for the mobile industry. Now retired he provides environmental organisations with pro bono consulting services in knowledge management architectures, benchmarking, branding and social media strategy.

Oliver at Linkedin
Photo of Pravin Amar.

Pravin Amar

Carbon auditor based in South Africa

Pravin Amar Singh is a seasoned sustainability expert with over 28 years of experience. He is a certified EIA professional and Greenhouse Gas/​Carbon Footprint Analyst, spearheading numerous Environmental Impact Assessments and playing pivotal roles in landmark projects. Proficient in:sustainability planning/​management, stakeholder engagement, board-level leadership.

Pravin at pravinamar.com
Photo of Richard Williams.

Richard Williams

Advisor based in UK

Richard is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered MSCI who runs his own practice providing financial consultancy services to UK and European clients. He has worked with a variety of charitable organisations and is currently a trustee and Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee for Forest Peoples Programme.

Richard at jamalu.co.uk
Photo of Robert Stern.

Robert Stern

Administrator based in UK

Robert traded textiles, produced & reported around Asia for CNN, CNBC & ABC, won documentary awards, done media consulting, trained journalists for the BBC, written for national titles, broadcast in English, Chinese & Japanese, and pioneered filmmaker crowdfunding. Founded See Through News to Speed Up Carbon Drawdown by Helping the Inactive Become Active’.

Robert at seethroughnews.org
Photo of Robert Barnard-Weston.

Robert Barnard-Weston

Advisor based in UK

Rob started in advertising before pioneering UK sustainability corporate CSR, farmer’s markets, regenerative farming, local currency & retrofitting. 2 degrees in Philosophy and Responsibility/​Business Practice, 3 books on ethical enterprise, lecturer, founder Assoc. of Sustainability Practitioners. *Rob died after a short illness Dec 2023. This bio marks Rob’s lasting influence on STC.

Robert at sustainabilitypractitioners.org
Photo of Dr. Susan Lechelt.

Dr. Susan Lechelt

Advisor based in UK

Dr. Susan Lechelt lectures in Design Informatics at Edinburgh Uni, specialising in human-computer interaction/​design related to data literacy, creativity, playfulness, environmental sustainability, and responsible innovation. Her research supports diverse audiences to stimulate creative practice and develop environmentally sustainable relationships with new tech.

Susan at designinformatics.org
Photo of Tom Beese.

Tom Beese

Advisor, Technology based in UK

Tom had a military and legal background before working in advanced semiconductor design, focused on minimal power consumption. He is CEO of various computing and hi-tech start-ups including YellowDog, donor of the See Through Carbon Competition prize fund of $500,000-worth of supercomputing.

Tom at yellowdog.co
Photo of Trevor Turner.

Trevor Turner

Administrator, Advisor based in UK

Technologist and manager with 40 years’ experience in the broadcast industry. BBC trained leading to spells at ITN and CNN before switching to satellite & broadcast engineering, coordination & management of broadcast operations and transmissions for F1. Having recently waved the chequered flag on time at F1, looking for the next adventure. Keen photographer and ocean racing yachtsman.

Trevor at Linkedin