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How can you accurately calculate our carbon footprint before the transport survey is complete?

We can’t, because no one can, because there’s no evidence on which to base our calculations of what’s likely to be the biggest emissions source – audience transport. That’s why we’re conducting the transport surveys, in order to estimate this more exactly once our statistical experts sign off on it.

Some of the information you want, like bar and merchandise sales, is commercially sensitive. What will you do with it?

Keep it between you and us. The data will only appear publicly in aggregate, anonymised form.

But doesn’t that mean our competition will benefit from all our work in collecting the data?

Quite the opposite. Pilot participants will be ahead of the game in comparing their own data with the public aggregated dataset, to see how they compare to the industry average, while their competitors will have to prepare the data from scratch, without historic travel survey data as event-specific references.

Once you’ve calculated the average carbon footprint of our concerts, how will you allocate the carbon liabilities between the different stakeholders?

Excellent question, which no other carbon audit standard has even asked, let alone answered. The working hypothesis is that the best practical solution is to divide it equally between venue, band and promoter, but this is up to See Through Carbon’s Trustees to decide once the Pilot data is in.

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