Human Resources

STC Trustees

  • Initially 3, adding in pairs as the Pilot is iterated
  • Oversee carbon audit forms for accuracy and verification
  • Set grade boundaries for BRAG (Black/​Red/​Amber/​Green) status

STC salespeople/​auditors

  • Initially 2 to 4, adding trainees as the Pilot is iterated.
  • Variety of experience and initial familiarity with STC to test training requirements

SME auditees

  • Initially 10, then adding multiples of 10 as the Pilot is iterated.
  • Representatively diverse range of businesses: manufacturing & services, independent & chain, small and large, B2B and customer-facing, etc.

Technical resources

Carbon audit form

  • The foundation of the STC principle of measuring carbon footprints comprehensively, accurately and transparently.
  • For purposes of the Pilot, can use existing off-the-shelf’ open-source or free licence versions that are already up and running.

MVP ad credit system (3)

  • Rations free ads in Facebook Group and website environment (using proven business/​events listing system in Cumbria) in order to incentivize uptake of STC auditing, and measurably reduce carbon.
  • Includes MVP versions of database, UX interface, auditee profile web pages and data visualisations.

Auditee Incentives

Why should local businesses adopt STC, download the app, and make their carbon footprint transparent online?

Here are the main cards’ the STC auditors can play to sell the project:

  1. Continued free advertising
  2. More frequent ads than local rivals
  3. Bigger reach than paid ads via local paper
  4. Free, expert, accurate carbon audit
  5. Free, expert carbon reduction consultancy
  6. Free editorial in local social media
  7. Free social media assets to advertise genuine carbon footprint.

Sales procedure

See Through Carbon is designed to incentivise any SME to adopt it whether or not they are green’, or even believe in the science of climate change.

We expect that some candidate auditees will be much easier to convince than others. Here’s a decision tree suggesting how sales conversations might go.